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Tharawat Company provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services for factories and facilities at competitive prices and seamless quality. We have a strong track record of managing all operational and maintenance challenges that may hinder any business to enable it to further thrive and grow.
  • Regular Maintenance of Factories
  • Operating Services for Facilities
  • Generators Maintenance
  • Generators Maintenance and Repair of All Kinds
  • Lathing Work
  • Gearbox Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Maintenance
  • Fire Alarms Systems Installation and Maintenance
  • Firefighting Systems Installation and Maintenance
  • Pipe Extensions of All Kinds
  • Steel Structure and Containers Production of All Kinds
  • Fire and Rescue Teams Management and Operation


Why We Are The Best?

  • We offer our clients the most competitive prices based on their requirements.
  • We pay great attention to the quality of our work and have much experience in operating and maintaining all types of factories and facilities.
  • We have a high client satisfaction rate and frequently receive certificates of gratitude and appreciation for our excellent work.
  • We are authorized by the Higher Authority for Industrial Security and the General Directorate of Civil Defense to perform our services.
  • We are keen on training our team and attracting the best talents.
  • We provide a guarantee on our services, showing our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, exceeding client expectations, and fostering lasting relationships even after providing services.

Unleash your Business Potential with Tharawat!

We guarantee you:

  • Continuous maintenance of your machinery and equipment to prolong their lifespan, ensure optimal efficiency, and increase productivity.
  • More profits and protection for your assets by extending the lifespan of your machinery and equipment through regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Less breakdowns, downtime, and losses due to downtime and restart costs.
  • Authorized fire alarms and firefighting systems to enhance workplace safety and security.
  • Fire brigades equipped with the latest fire engines and various firefighting and rescue equipment.
  • The ability to assess expenses and incorporate them into the entity's financial plan.

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